Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday Night Sew-In Report (July)

Well I am a day late reporting on my Friday Night Sew-In, but perhaps better late than never!  Unfortunately  I ended up sleeping for most of the day yesterday so I missed linking up for the Finish-a-long (it also turned out that I forgot to hit "publish" too).  Oh well, such is life; I do plan to work on my projects as though I was in the contest as well.  I plan to link up projects even though I cannot win any prize now.  I am hoping it will still have the effect of spurring me on while I struggle this summer.  The true Prize will be a stack of finished quilts by the end of the summer as well as those tutorials I wanted to complete!  I have several fundraiser projects I am hoping to complete;  only two such quilts have picked out, I will choose among my finsihed quilts for the others.

Okay, now on to what I worked on!

Summersault asterisk quilt--going to alternate between printed quilts & white with print fabric for bars

Summer Games Quilt--Completed more blocks for this quilt, thinking of alternating with blue fabric squares

Red, White, & Blue Asterisk Quilt--Got more blocks cut & red fabric picked out.
See you next time!

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