Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back Among the Awake...(FNSI & Stash report)

Greetings!  I was so excited about all that I would accomplished on my Friday Night Sew In this month, but alas because of sickness not much was completed.  I had plans to work on my project list from my Do First: September post from a couple weeks ago as well as a couple of other projects I couldn't resist starting in the last couple of weeks.  My Little Girl needs clothing after all, so you will be seeing more projects like that!  On Friday I once again had high hopes for all that I would get accomplished on my FNSI.  I was able to work a little bit on hand-sewing the binding that night, but it took me all weekend to get it completed (fabric not included in week's figures)

Jacob's Ladder 3:  The front, measuring 42"X 42"

Jacob's Ladder 3:  Close-up of the front, back & binding

Jacob's Ladder 3:  The back

Sorry for the delay on my weekend posts though  I prepared my Friday post on Thursday, set it to post and then I was overcome by my husband's virus!  By Saturday I just had to get out of our apartment after being sick for a few days, thankfully H rebounds quicker.  H drove Z and I to a couple quilt shops on the Quilt across Texas shop hop (while he stayed in the car to read a book for school) to get our book stamped.  I know I will never get to all the shops in any sections, but the cost of the "passport" is a wash with the $5 coupon on the 2nd page.

At one of the shops they had a basket of "Orphan" fat quarters by the register that they sell at a reduced price (once they have sold off the yardage).  I let Z look through the basket to pick one out.  Even at 7 months old she is already very thoughtful about her choice while she looked over everything carefully.  She finally looked  down between two fat quarters in her hands, dropped the one, while pulling the other one close to signal her choice.  I picked up two  more FQ's of her choice fabric to make her something; I am thinking either a shirt or something for her dolly.  I also picked up 2 gray print FQ's to add to my pile for making her quilt once I have gathered enough different fabrics in yellow, gray, black and white prints.  That adds 1.25 yards to our fabric inbound this week.

Here is my Stash Report through 09/22/2012*:
Used last Week: 1 3/4 yards
Used year to Date: 33 7/8 yards
Added last Week: 1 1/4 yards (5 FQ's)
Added Year to Date: 43 1/8 yards
Net Used for 2012: 9 1/4 yards

 Thanks again for stopping by; you shall see my WIP post on Wednesday and I'll be back on Friday with my finishes!

*This is a rough estimate in the foggy haze of birth and all that.  I do remember getting a stash of fabric from some people moving out of my building in late April & my mother gave me fabric as well (some got passed on to others) but I had to guess at amounts.  I will be better about exact amounts from July onward.


  1. glad you are all feeling better x and that the fabric education is starting early xx lol x

  2. Your Jacob's Ladder quilt looks great!


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