Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday & UFO Sunday

So, Last week was the International Talk like a Pirate Day!  I wish I had though ahead to make all sorts of pirate themed items, but alas I did not (Maybe Next Year)!  If you want to find out more about this check them out HERE!  Almost no one knew what I was doing, thankfully I have a very good friend who not only knew what I was talking about but she told me that her whole workplace was in on pirate talking (Boss actually sent a note out to pre-warn all the staff not to talk to customers like a pirates! lol, somehow they knew they just might be willing to!).

Well I took a minute to clean up my POD list (WIP/UFO) last week.  In the end with being sick and starting more projects, my list has grown again! I am particularly hoping to complete couple clothing items for my darling, this week. I have a couple small projects I especially want to get off my list this week or make a dent in their progress!

Here is my list for this week:

RW&B Paperclip mini-quilt:  I want to get this one completed this week

Clothing: 2 Blouses for Baby (Size 3), also a dress (not pictured) (NEW!)

Rainbow Stars:  This block is complete, 3 more are in progress, plans are being made for 5 more blocks (NEW!)

Dot Explosion Quilt:  I am hoping to get this quilt top together by the end of September (NEW!)

Blue-Black Churn Dash:  Project is lost & now MIA!

Bowls with Borders pot holders: Complete!
Chain Quilt:  No Progression (wishing I had a design wall though to figure blocks)
City Weekend Project:  I have decided to make this into a baby quilt, but no progress
Double-Pinwheels:  Had a bit of problem with stitching, in the process of stitch ripping on Thursday
Jacob Ladder Quilt 3: Complete (See yesterday's post)
Orphan Train Quilt 1:  No progress except that I now backing fabric, still looking for border.
Poppy Wall Hanging:  a small bit of progression, trying to figure out stems & leaves
Squares & Patches Quilt:  I am hoping to get the blocks squared up this week
Summersault Asterisk Quilt:  No progression this week
Summersault Patchwork Quilt:  No progression this week

To start:
I need to work on my projects for the Leafs Me happy Blog Hop, my day to post is October 5th!



  1. thats a scary list!! Good luck x the dotty/spotty star is such fun makes me smile every time xx

  2. the ribbon star and the pinwheels

  3. I've never heard of a Talk Like a Pirate Day!!! Your paperclip mini quilt is wonderful! Good luck with all of those projects.


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