Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday & UFO Sunday (Dots on Dots D3)

You probably have noticed that I am a little behind on my posting this week (and today as well)!  It is my new goal to post my UFO's/WIP's on Sunday and then my finishes on Friday morning.  That gives me time in the middle to work on projects.  I noticed that I was posting on Wednesday mornings, spending all my free time on Wednesday & Thursday trying to get something finished in time to post on Friday.  This way I can also make sure to add in my stash report on Sundays as well.  I want to show more projects in progress as I took the pledge last year to do so.  Rushing around for a couple days doesn't offer a lot of picture taking opportunities or ways for me to look for your input to be honest.  I have gotten some excellent feedback that has changed the projects I have worked on, but only if I share.

So this is where I am on my list from last week:

Jacob Ladder Quilt 1:  Border & Back Added, Stitching and binding needed.  I Made this terrific red scaled binding that line up perfectly on the shaped when connecting the strips together (I am so excited to show you this part--forgot pic).

Chain Quilt: Blocks completed and Trimmed; still unsure if this will be 1 or 2 quilts.

4 square City Weekend Project:  Not sure if 4 separate pieces or one quilt yet.

2 Bordered Bowls Hot Pads:  Stitching complete, needs binding and Dinner for a try out.

Double-Pinwheels:  We have reached the sandwiched stage, need Top Stitching and Binding

New This Week:
Green Stars:  Made from 5 orphan blocks & some scrap Yellow strips/cream stash squares, not sure whats next.

Dots On Dots Blog Hop--Project 1 (My Day is Next Thursday)

Dots On Dots Blog Hop--Project 2 (My Day is Next Thursday)

I also started moving on the Summersault Quilt
I added border to the Asterisk Quilt, but I forgot to take a picture, no plans to work on the rest of this week though so I can try to remember to show the update on that one.  See ya'all on Friday!

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Day 3


  1. Wow! You have a LOT going on there. How do you do it all with a little one? Amazing.

    I have always loved the Jacob's Ladder pattern. Someday I hope to make one. The bowls look fabulous too.

    1. I plan for nap times. I do the same aspect of many projects to save time. For example I will pin everything during morning nap, then stitch if there is time and then iron during the next nap, then trim and/or pin during her 30 minutes of self-play. Some days she takes no naps and we just sit together to chatter, lol!


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