Friday, October 12, 2012

October Quest Week 2 (Finishes 41)

Updated 10/14/2012 @ 1:29PM CTZ:  So another posting glitch. I had several posts set-up to post, but there was a little operator error in what I did, lol. Thanks for reading this late.
My Little Pumpkin with her first pumpkin posed photo!
Hello Autumn Season!  It is finally getting cooler here in Texas, somewhere around 70 F today.  Back home they are well into another season of winter and I have to admit I am a bit jealous.  Last Sunday the Forest Floor Quilt I made for a quilt raffle was given away to a ticket chosen as part of a fall festival.  Ziona got her picture taken on the display by my friend's I-Camera, which really puts my 2 mega-pixel camera to shame!  We have been saving up to buy a new camera when someone suggested I just buy a smart phone!  Which one do you prefer?  Oh I digress..umm, finishes, yes that is where I was going...I am so excited about October-Quest which is being hosted by TGIFF!  You link up each finished piece to the friday linky party which is hosted by a different person each week--look into hosting yourself in 2013, many follow internationally.

I was so excited when I first saw the 100 Day hustle, but once again I missed the part where I was supposed to sign up to link.  Oh well, there are 81 days left in the year so I have really pushed to get my pile of projects completed.  I love the idea of starting the new year out with a clean slate.  I am planning to do some purging the week between Christmas & New Year's Day.  I am also planning on putting together a whole new set of project packs.  I find all the projects I want to work on, "shop" my stash, bag it and then put it on my calendar.  The calendar is the new part of my plan this year.  I like making a copy of the directions or sketching (if I came up with it) so that I don't mess up the original, especially if it came from a  magazine.  Sometimes I will make "precut" pieces like charms or strips ahead of time; sometimes it is easier to cut a bunch of things at once.  If I end up getting all my projects completed soon then I will start my project packs sooner this year.

Double-Pinwheel Quilt (What should I call it?):
This double-pinwheel quilt was one of my project packs from the past.  The sashing, border and backing fabric came later.  Now that I have this block figured out I can plan better for the next time I used this design again in later quilts.  As I shared on Monday's Post (HERE), Ziona really loves this quilt so I might use this pattern as the basis for her quilt.  I am planning to use Yellows, gray, black, & white for her colors.  What do you think of that?  Any other suggestions of a 4-color pattern I could use?
The Front

A Close-up of the front

The Back
Mini-wonky paperclip quilt:
From the R,W, & B blog Hop a couple months ago.  I finally got it completed with a quilted star top stitching, a dark navy polka-dot print for the back, and a marbled gold for the  binding.  I also put a hanging sleeve on the back.

the Front
The Back (Before I got the binding on)

I am so excited that I won the traveling Stash box!  I will post pictures once I have received it and I will post a giveaway next week to choose the next winner of the box!  You also can check out Sewingly Along for the Master list of the 8 traveling boxes!

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  1. Linked over from Richard's LAFF to see your cute paperclip quilt. Love the pinwheels, too.


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