Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oops I Did It Again! (LMH D2)

For the last couple of weeks I have bemoaned my issues with the stitching on my Double Pinwheel Quilt.  I have slowly and faithfully rips out each and every offending stitch.  A picture was not shared on that occasion, but let me make up for that fact by showing you the currently situation I am bemoaning...

It was my attempt at Leah Day's Traveling Paisley.  I watched the video very carefully, practiced the stitch and yet this is how it turned out!  The back does not look too bad, but the front is horrible and does not line up to the other side.  To clarify I stitched with the bottom as my "top" so I wouldn't get distracted by the blocks.  I will have to rip the stitches out and work on practicing a little bit more before I tackle this one.

The Front

The back 

Now that the stitches are fully removed from the double pinwheels quilt, I plan to move onto that one soon because I have chosen a stitch that I am comfortable with.  But first I must square up a couple lingering items for my Leafs Me Happy Blog Hop Post for Friday!

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  1. Oh no! All that stitching and then to have to pick it out! I feel your pain. :(


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