Tuesday, November 6, 2012

UFO & Stash Report Sunday (Late)

The Traveling Stash box is a couple days on its way to Rachel over at Suz Made Me Do It!  I went back and forth quite a few times on what to take and add to the box.  My daughter is in love with the two pink prints so I decided to go that direction instead (wouldn't they be cute sun dresses?) of all the FQ's I was originally eyeing.  In the end it doesn't matter because I will be out of comission on sewing for the rest of the month as I have hurt my fingers/hand/wrist on my right hand and it needs a rest.  Thankfully I was born left-handed--although the school districts I grew up in made everyone be right-handed!  I am going to pull out my cross-stitch I started last year about this time while I was on bedrest.  I think I just might get this project finished by the end of the year.
What I took from the box; it took a while to figure out what I really wanted
What I put into the box
Why I will not be sewing for the rest of the month
My only project I can work on with hand issues, lol.  Positive thing though I can get this done if its all I can do!!
Next week I will share the fabrics coming in from Connecting Threads for a couple quilts a friend wishes me to make!  Oh what beautiful Fabrics, I cannot wait til they all arrive!

Here is my Stash Report through 11/04/2012*:

Used last 2 Weeks:  20 3/4 yards
Used year to Date: 65 1/4 yards
Added last 2 Weeks:  4 1/4 yards
Added Year to Date: 49 7/8 yards
Net Used for 2012: -13 5/8 yards

Thanks again for stopping by and you shall see me later!

*This is a rough estimate in the foggy haze of birth and all that.  I do remember getting a stash of fabric from some people moving out of my building in late April & my mother gave me fabric as well (some got passed on to others) but I had to guess at amounts.  I will be better about exact amounts from July onward.

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  1. Hope your hand heals quickly!

    Loving the teapot cross stitch. So sweet!

  2. Sorry to hear about your hand. I hope it recovers soon. Your cross stitch is looking lovely :)

  3. Hope your hand is better soon. Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday.

  4. I am so sorry that you have one hand out of use for the time being.

    You will have fun with the pink fabrics and they will make darling little dresses.

    The cross stitch is beautiful!!! I'm glad you can still work on it. Good luck with quick healing.

  5. The wrist looks painful! I hope that you're on the way to recovery very soon! Oh, and the traveling stash box is such a neat idea!

  6. So sorry to hear about your hand. Hope it heals quickly!


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