Thursday, November 1, 2012

Months In Review: August Thru October

I am so excited by the projects completed in the past couple of months.  I am slowly working my way through my fabric stashes with minimal additions.  I am looking forward to the next two months and hopefully the final completion of my WIP list--although it certainly doesn't help that I have so many ideas waiting in the wings to start!

Here is what was completed in August, September and October:

August 2012- Forest Floor Lap Quilt (50" X 61")

September 2012:  Jacob's Ladder Quilt #3 (40" X 40")

October 2012:  Double Pinwheel Quilt (40" X 40")

October 2012:  Orphan Train Quilt #1 (40" X 40")

October 2012:  Brick Pathway Quilt #2 (55" X 60")

Other Projects:
August 2012:  Bowls With Borders Wall Hanging

September 2012:  Dotty Pinwheel Table Runner

October 2012:  RW&B Wonky Paperclip Mini Quilt (12" X 12")

October 2012:  Woven Union Table Runner

October 2012: Large Dense Floor Pillow

August 2012:  Nightgown (Size 2T) Converted Oliver + S Pattern

October 2012:  Alice's Apron (Made up my Own pattern)

October 2012:   2 + 2 Blouse (Size 3T) Oliver + S Pattern

September 2012:  Dots On Dots Blog Hop Block
September 2012:  Grandmother's Choice Block 1

October 2012:  Leaves Me Happy Blog Hop Block

October 2012:  Woven Union Tester Block 1

October 2012:  Woven Union Block 1

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  1. wow! cannot accuse you of being lazy!! the dotty one is still my favorite xx

  2. I can't believe how much you accomplished!!! That is amazing and you have so many FINISHED pieces. They are all fabulous. I love that star block!!


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