Tuesday, December 18, 2012

10 months...Caught Blue Handed

Ziona clapping Grandpa over Thanksgiving (Daddy is in the background)

Z giggling with Mama [me], during an attempted nap
Z hiding behind a storage tub after swiping Mama's phone.
Our daughter finds our phones and calls my MIL,She really does find her phone number somehow and leaves messages on her voice mail of her chattering and breathing into the phone!  I can't figure out how she knows how to unlock the phone first of all and then find the number!  That day she also obtained a roll of paper towels and spread out "snow" like the movie we were watching.  Its hard to explain "snow" to a child living in Texas, especially since all the books we received from a far off seems to have plenty of it.  Some day when we move somewhere colder she will know!

My precious baby is 2 months from turning 1!  She already is standing and walking on her own.  There is just something about Ziona that makes one happy with her constant smiles, laughter and contented personality.  She takes delight in everything it seems, well except bedtime and getting the phone taken away!


  1. What a smart little bugger. I'm sure you MIL never complains about the messages from her sweet little grand daughter.

  2. She is just darling and sounds like such fun for all of you. I love the pictures!

  3. she is growing into a beautiful little girl xx


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