Sunday, December 16, 2012

UFO Sunday & Stash Report

Chain Quilt:  4-block sets making more links, starting to get some where
It wasn't my intention to work on any other projects than the four projects I have been highlighting lately, but I wanted to used up a bit of cream thread to empty a bobbin for a different thread color. I almost have things figured out with this quilt.  I think I am going to make either 2 baby quilts or a twin quilt with a bit of blocks on the back.  I will show you my design thoughts when I have the blocks sewn up in these 4-patch "link" blocks.

Blue-Black Churn Dash:  Project is lost & now MIA!
Chain Quilt:  4-block sets making more links, starting to get some where
Christmas Advent Calendar:  finish Stitching & binding
City Weekend Project:  We are back to table toppers/wall hangings
Dusty Rose Quilt:  Currently in 4-patch and 2-patch segments, needs some love
Dot Explosion Quilt This needs some reworking in concept.
Hello Sunshine Crib Quilt:  Pieces cut for the top and binding
I'll Fly Away Quilt:  Pieces cut but this one is a long time project.  Since I am planning for this to fit our bed there with be many, many flying geese that needs to be made; I am guessing this one will take 3 months in among all the other projects.  
Martinique Strip Quilt:  A festering WIP, one of my oldest needs lots of focus
Poppy Wall Hanging:  a small bit of progression, trying to figure out stems & leaves
Rainbow Stars:  One block is complete, 3 more are in progress, might use in a mixed quilt
Red Eye Quilt:  Making adjustment to top, then needs to be sandwiched & Finished
Squares & Patches Quilt:  Some blocks are squared up, more to do during movie day maybe
Soaked Crib Quilt:  Top is complete, quilt is sandwiched   Still need to: stitch, bind and sew on info batch on the back.  I am waiting on Hello Sunshine Quilt so I can stitch them at the same time.
Summer Games Table Runner:  the quilt idea just wasn't working so I turned this into a table runner
Z's Birthday Dress:  Have now bought fabric and pattern
Z's Christmas Dress:  Fabric chosen, but  pattern  is wrong size pattern; maybe next year?
Z's Christmas PJ's:  Changed pattern?? 1 week to get done!
Z's Bedroom Curtains:  This is a Project I started before I hurt my hand.

New Fabric:
3 yards of Kissing Booth Fabric  for Z's Birthday dress
Fabric for December BOM 
Z and I went to pick up the fabric and instructions for December's BOM at the Old Craft Store.  While I was chatting with one of the ladies Z got very excited over some bolts of fabrics standing up on the cutting island.  I thought she was excited about the pink fabric, but as I pull the bolt toward me to look at it she launched herself at this white fabric with swirling pink hearts from the Kissing Booth line by Basic Grey of Moda.  And then she hugged it, holding it tight in her arms...oh how could I say no when she looked up at me with hopeful eyes?  So I picked up 3 yards of it to make her birthday dress.  I think I am going to make either The Birthday Party Dress or Family Reunion Dress, both patterns by Oliver + S.  I have a couple months to get this ready for her First birthday.  This week I HAVE to get her Christmas dress & Christmas PJ's completed in the next week!  I highlighted the projects I am focusing on this week in bright green, smack me if I deviate by Wednesday! 

Stash Report:

With nothing actually completed last week except BOM blocks, I had no pluses for my fabric stash-busting endeavors this past week.  I don't regret finding that fabric for Z's Birthday dress though so its hard to be mad at myself this week!

Here is my Stash Report through 12/15/2012*:
Used last Week:  0 yards
Used year to Date: 67 1/2 yards
Added last Week:  3 1/4 yards (Includes BOM Fabric)
Added Year to Date: 77 1/4 yards
Net Used for 2012: -9 3/4 yards

Thanks again for stopping by and you shall see me tomorrow!

*This is a rough estimate in the foggy haze of birth and all that.  I do remember getting a stash of fabric from some people moving out of my building in late April & my mother gave me fabric as well (some got passed on to others) but I had to guess at amounts.  I will be better about exact amounts from July onward.

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  1. Isn't it fun to see Z getting so excited over fabrics? I think you have a budding quilter there.

    The blocks look wonderful.


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