Monday, December 31, 2012

BOM's AWAY: The Old Craft Store BOM

Give A Hoot's BOM's Away Party
A Block of the Month finishing party, what a brilliant idea!  It's kind of convoluted how I found this group, but I just love the idea and I think it just might work for me.  Groups and linky parties are what get me going on my projects.  I mean I try to plan and block off time to work on my projects but it takes a little peer pressure to get things done sometimes to be honest.   Total, I am a part of 4 BOM (2 online, 1 by email, and 1 at a local quilt shop) and 1 BOW.  My ultimate goal is to catch up of course, but that is so hard to do!

The Legacy Sampler BOM at The Old Craft Store has a monetary value to it.  If you bring the completed quilt block back on the designated Saturday (using the fabric provided) you get the next block for free.  So at the end I will have paid $10 for the club (I forgot to pick up 1 block on time so had to pay $5 for the block), gotten 11 blocks free and then I prepaid for the last 4-blocks needed for the quilt top.  They have a finishing kits too, but I plan to put my blocks on point and use some fabric from Connecting Threads to make a quilt for a family member for next year's Christmas.  My plans are to do a test block in the Martinique fabric line (I have a bit from several Moda Scrap Bags) so that I will end up with all the blocks for 2 quilt tops by the end of the BOM Club!

The Old Craft Store The Legacy Sampler.  Star of Victory (December BOM,  or Block 3)

Test Blocks: Sorry the picture is a bit dark, I am still getting used to the new camera feature on my phone.

Recap for Past Blocks:
The Old Craft Store The Legacy Sampler.  A:  Woven Union,  B:  Courage at Pickett's Mill

Martinique Test Blocks The Legacy Sampler.  A:  Woven Union,  B:  Courage at Pickett's Mill

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  1. ooo - I like that Star of Victory. :D And oh my goodness, thank you for the fabulous spotlighting of the link-up! It's a slow time of year for a lot of BOMmers, but it's fun to see what's still lurking around. Of course, I still have my own monster list, so. . . ;D


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