Thursday, January 10, 2013

Finishes 2

Maple Skies Fabric Line
Well I will just say it again, Connecting Threads makes some fantastic fabrics.  They are fast becoming my source for most of my fabric with a few bits from my local Quilt Shop which we call "the Grandma Store" for Ziona.  She likes to go in with me and bat her eyelashes at the Grandmas that work there.  The ladies are used to me coming in, but I had to laugh last Saturday when I stopped in to pick up my BOM materials.  The ladies couldn't help baby talking my darling as we passed by and we got a couple glares from those getting their fabrics cut!  I was a little surprised because we hardly ever get that response (well except when Ziona decides to talk over Bishop during Church, but even then most people understand she thinks she is supposed to be responding, well most.).
And I digress...hmmm what was I talking about...

Oh the finished quilts!  I am over the moon on how these turned out.  I converted a lap quilt pattern Connecting threads sells as a kit into a Crib Quilt Pattern.  The Quilts both turned out to be 45"X 56" which actually seems to be larger for a Crib size, but these are both for 1 year old's so they can use perhaps on their toddler beds?  What size do you make quilts for babies?
Hello Sunshine Front

Hello Sunshine Close-up (Front)

Hello Sunshine (Back)

Soaked Crib Quilt (Front)

Soaked Crib Quilt close-up (Front)

Soaked Crib Quilt (back)
And they are done!  Now on to the next UFO to tackle!
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  1. I LOVE your quilts and YAY!!! they're done!

    Very cute story about the "batting eyelashes". =)


  2. Gorgeous colours! I'm just quilting a cot quilt which comes in at 37"x44".

  3. I love the soaked fabric, and the way you put it together looks great!

  4. These are both lovely!

  5. I came over from LAFF. I usually make my baby quilts about that size so they are usable for a long time. Even a teen can use that for a lap quilt, should it last so long. =) Yours came out great!

  6. Whoop! Whoop! :) Very cute quilts. And your Ziona story has me picturing the Because of Winn Dixie movie. hehe

  7. Your crib quilts are darling. I usually make them about the same size (40 x 60 inches) so that they can be used (or dragged around) through their toddler years.

  8. Very nice! Love your color choices!

  9. I agree, Connecting Threads is becoming my favorite fabric source. 2 beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Very cute quilts! I, too, like most of the fabrics at connecting threads and have bought quite a few different fabrics from them.

  11. I adore your Sunshine quilt! So cheerful!

  12. I love that quilt layout. I was thinking about it and I have done only a few quilts that were not in straight lines. And now I think I need to do something on the diaginal again. Thanks for linking up these 2 quilts are fantastic thanks for sharing.

  13. Two great little quilts. I love that umbrella fabric.

  14. Those are two great quilts! I totally agree with you about Connecting Threads - beautiful fabric, wonderful service, and great prices! Whoop whoop!!

  15. Great quilts, love the colors and your quilting looks wonderful too!

  16. These quilts really show it is all about the fabric. What beautiful choices and I love the whimsy of some of the fabrics, especially those umbrellas

    1. Darlene, You are a no reply blogger profile so I will respond here!
      I know that fabric is so much fun! My favorite print in the soaked line is actually the rubber boots print that I did not get! I thought I actually had put 2 yards in the cart (some for baby girl, I am sure she needs something, lol).

  17. Sew very pretty, fresh and happy! Wonderful piecing and quilting!


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