Thursday, January 24, 2013

Visit Your LQS Day!

Miss Z w/ Purse, On the Hunt
Today is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day!  In the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex (the little area and towns surrounding these two Large Cities make a nice congested mess) there are gobs of Quilts shops compared to the rest of the world it seems.  Within an hour drive I can reach a couple dozen individual shops, however The Old Craft Store is the one I visit every other week with Little Miss Z.  We have joined the fabric savers club, a Block of the Month Club, and soon I hope to sign up for my very first in-person class!

In celebration of our Local place I gave Miss Z some money and told her that we'd stop by for her very first fabric purchase.  We only had an hour to look around, which is hard for both us material girls as the selection is HUGE.  We chatted it up with the shop ladies right off as they are used to us coming in for a visit.  I had a little trouble with my Quarterly Newsletter making its way to me recently so they generously gave Miss Z a little pile of fabric squares they sent out with the newsletter; they promptly went into her little purse!
The Large Photo Shows what it is like to walk through the doors, 3 smaller shows some lovely displays
The Shop is broken up into 3 long Sections.  The First portion holds the view you see in the larger photo above as you take your first step into the shop.  You can find books to the left of the Right Bottom picture of the precuts.  This area is where one would find Scrap Fabric Packs and end of bolt offerings.  The Store also handles local mail drop off and shipping.  There is a little section behind that still sell gardening seeds and the makings for a very fine vegetable garden. One can see the old metal containers and packaging from the days of the general Store neatly collected in this back area.

Fabric to the right of the Entrance

Fabric and cutting table straight ahead from the entrance to shop
Next we move to the center section:

They make use of every scrap of space hanging projects and class offerings all the way up.  Yet there is room for yet more fabric!  There is also an area for rulers & templates along side individual patterns that might need them.
Oh What a surprise, there is more fabric in this section!
And finally the last section which contains:

The classroom and work areas

A Pattern and notion wall

A bit of more fabric  and  an array of colorful threads for hand-stitchers
new Block of the Month being announced

It is the end of our trip to The Old Craft Store so to the register we head; to the right we noticed a new Block of the Month being announced. Well as it is time for Miss Z to pay for her chosen treasure, a little scrap bag of fabric.   Then we will depart and go home.  Later that night, I laid all of the fabric out to look at the treasures after bath time.  The great surprise came to me when I pulled the squares from the purse to realize they matched!  Already Miss Z has a great memory for she only glanced at the fabric squares a moment before they were closed away!
Miss Z and her chosen"treasure"

The fabric squares the ladies gave Miss Z for her purse when we first arrived
Thank you for joining us for Little Miss Z's First fabric purchase at The Old Craft Store in celebration of our Local Quilt Store!  Continue your adventure at the next LQS with the next blogger on the list HERE.

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  1. What a fabulous shop and I love that Miss Z is so into her fabrics already. Way to go to get her love of quilting early!!!!!!!

  2. Little Miss Z is a natural born designer! I dream of an lqs like that :)

  3. What a wonderful day! She is a natural quilter, just you wait and see.

  4. I love this post! And miss Z and her purse is just adorable. Thanks so much for linking up. The quilt shop looks wonderful.


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