Wednesday, March 12, 2014

February FNSI--A Late Report

Yeah it seems perhaps one delay after another with me typing up a report of what I worked on for February's Friday Night Sew-in, but I am trying to be more consistent in actually showing the process of crafting and not just a catalog of all that I have accomplished.  I know for myself that is one of my favorite things about reading blogs, seeing the process.  Now don't get me wrong I enjoy a good round of pictures on a finished project as well!  Some of the items I worked on that night last month you have now seen as finished projects, so please be patient with me!

1. A new Stroller carrier for my daughter's baby stroller (the one that came with broke apart).

2.  An Additional block for the traveling quilt (Rainbow theme)

3.  The body of the dress for the Ruffles Blog Hop (Ruffles came later):

*\o/* Cheers

Think Ruffles Hop-Sixth Day

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  1. The stroller cover came out so cute!!!! I'll bet miss Z loves it. The Rainbow block is fabulous too. I can't wait to see that one finished.


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