Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stash Report 2014- Week 12

And here I am posting a late accounting of my fabric usage!  I haven't done much sewing this past week besides HST's & 4-patch for that swap I told you about.  I was packing up the box to mail off when I realized that I forgot to separate out some blocks for one of the person son the list so I have to square away some more blocks (I also realized that it seems everyone was sending more blocks then was listed so I wanted to make sure I included extra blocks too!)

My fabric picture above may not seem very much different than the one I posted last week, but it is!  I have finally after several month, washed, ironed, trimmed and folded all of my fabric--I also have a large box that is suppose to get shipped off as soon as I find a bigger box!  I have a friend who said they would take all my flannel off my hands for their various projects as well as anything else I needed to purge so I am taking them up on that offer!

This lovely pile of Salvages is going to one of my birthday Buddies!  In the end, I trimmed off 3 gallon freezer bags full of salvages!  I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that it is completed.

Stash Report

Used This Week:  -0 yards
Used Year To Date:   -16.25 yards
Given Year To Date:   -6 yards
Added this week:  +0 yards
Added Year To Date:  +18.75 yards

Net Used/Given For 2014:  -4 yards

*\o/* Cheers
**These totals include all completed projects; BOM's themselves are not counted in this total until the project is completed. Any fabric brought into the home, used in a completed project or given away is counted, even if it is not purchased.


  1. wow! I thought I had a lot of fabric !! x

  2. Your fabrics look so neat and pretty. I'll bet it feels great to have them all washed and ironed.


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