Sunday, February 15, 2015

Daddy's Shirt Transformation

This was Project #31 on my First Quarter list HERE for the Finish-a-long.

I went from this:
1 X-LG Daddy's Shirt

To this:

I was on the team of people who pattern-tested the Gabriella Fae dress last month for Sis Boom/The Scientific Seamstress, and I am frankly in love with this dress.  The original dress I made in the testing you can see HERE.  I was inspired while making that dress and folding laundry one day that I should transform a shirt my husband never wears into a something for our daughter!

The dress is a size 5 non-runched bodice, sleeveless version that is fully lined.  In fact my absolute favorite part of the dress you will never see while my daughter has it on.  The skirt portion of the lining is finished separately at the bottom to give the dress more volume and it has the tiniest little lace that stays under the dress hem. sort of like a secret feminine touch to the dress.

The dress was simply too big to have my daughter model right now, afterall, I am working on her future wardrobe right now, thus most of the clothes I will show you will be in larger sizes than she is currently in.

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  1. That is so sweet. Love the fabrics.

  2. Too sweet! I can hardly stand it!

  3. How pretty! I've been thinking of upcycling some of my husband's shirts, so your post is both timely and inspiring.

  4. Great transformation and I love the secret lace :)


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