Friday, February 13, 2015

Z Moments: Growing Up

Hello Friday!  My alarm chirped its little sounds trying to get me rise this morning.  The husband tried the shoulder shake, but to no avail.  He got up himself, starting to get ready for his busy day, when he came up with an idea.  He laid down a waterproof pad under the sheets on his side, then he left to obtain something sure to get me out of bed...our daughter.  He laid her sleeping form next to me, tapped my shoulder a little bit and said "I put our daughter next to you and she really needs to go to the bathroom!"  I launched out of bed like it was on fire!

Last Sunday, I finally threw my hands up in the air about potty training and had this desperate idea that I would just simply take all the diapers & pull-ups away from her.  Everyone had told me just have her go naked under her dress at home and she would be sure to go to the bathroom, instead she snuck off and slipped on a pull-up when I wasn't looking.  I thought when she was born I would have her potty-trained by 18 months, but she turns 3 years old next week!  It is what happens in life and you have to be flexible and roll with it!

Needless to say, though I have been doing a little sewing, even finishing off several garments, I haven't had the time to write about them. I will get them written up one by one, hopefully I can share one later today!  I am having fun making beautiful garments for Ziona, having her help me pick out the fabrics.

*\o/* Cheers

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  1. Ha!!! I remember those days. I once told my mom that IF I didn't accomplish the potty training that I was sure his high school football coach would get it done for me. LOL


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