Monday, January 7, 2013

BOM's AWAY: Welcome to the Sugar Block Club

So I received my first Block by email, and boy am I excited!  I am really hoping to stick with each block as they get released but time often gets away from me.  I have been making the test blocks Until I know exactly what I want to do:  make a lap quilt, table runners, potholder, etc.  My thought would be to make the blocks with a line of fabric eventually.  Again, I am holding out for a Fat Quarter set for my Birthday (in March), but husband doesn't like to buy me fabric for gifts, afterall he figures that is what my fabric budget is for ^^ hmm what an interesting  So I am on to share the block!

Block 1 Snow Blossom

9-patch Plus Block
I decided to put the centers together like one would put a 9-patch together so I could have a few extra centers.  I saw this same center in a couple other blocks so it has given me an idea for a stashbusting block.  Make 9-patch blocks just like this and it looks sort of like the Plus block quilts.  I will share more if I get anywhere with this idea!


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  1. oooo I really, really love the colors in this! :) very pretty


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