Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hello Little pretties!  I love how crisp they look and how good they smell as they are freshly ironed with a little extra starch.  A finished Quilt top and tutorial coming soon!  You can see the full UFO/WIP List with pictures HERE.  This also the list I am going off of for the Finish-along group!

Are you thinking of going scrappy this year?  If you have time, link up your posts each month with your own personal challenges.  Check out January post:  HERE


  1. Wonderful, wonderful colors.

  2. I haven't ever used starch. Wonder if it would make a difference for me. They do look lovely and crisp!

    1. Oh I love it! It helps so much to have a crisp block to work with and it doesn't wiggle as much when i am handling it.

  3. Nice. Can't wait to see them all together.

  4. They look so pretty! I have been using Spray Sizing instead of starch lately because someone told me that bugs like starch. Have you heard that before? The sizing works great, but I do miss that smell of the starch.


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