Thursday, January 3, 2013

Really Random Thursday

So my new phone has some very fun features on it like panoramic photo options.  I thought I would share with you my crafting space as in a hopefully before picture since we are supposed to be rearranging furniture this weekend.  Anywho, I noticed some fun randomness to share while Baby is napping and I thought I'd share the features of my current layout.

Elmo Guards the alarm clock, along with baby wipe pack #1
The Bed is one of the current places to show larger quilts (also Livingroom floor and cutting table
Fold-out Cutting Table is where the cutting, ironing and photoing mainly happen.  

The Sewing area/desk/nightstand, it is rare for this area to look so good, but I am preparing everything to start the FMQ on the 2 Crib Quilts as well as hand-sew the binding onto them.  Hopefully they will be complete b y next week!
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  1. that panoramic picture is cool! Happy rearranging. And thanks for linking up this week!


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