Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's A Scrapful Life

So I am working on turning a new leaf after a mini-melt-down on Saturday (Look below).   I am also working steadily to complete the crib quilts.  The top stitching is complete and we are onto the binding portion of the program!  I had thought about machine stitching the binding down to the front, but ti just isn't going to work for these quilts so we just might have to watch Brave every day until the hand-stitching is done!  I am so in-LOVE with this little polka-dot print from Connecting Threads as a part of their Basics line.  I bought a little extra for myself when I purchased these fabrics a couple months ago (don't worry it has been counted) to make a shirt or dress for Ziona.  I am starting on Size 3 Clothes for her for this year since she definitely has 24 months/2T covered!  I don't know when she will fit at this point since she is getting so lean, oh but I digress..."Oh LOOK, something Shiny" gets me everytime.

Some Scrapful thoughts:

I have some of that fabric left over from a binge on Moda Scrap Bags from a couple of years ago so I need to do something with them. I have decided to start a challenge to myself and to those out there in Blog land.  I am not going to have prizes or a giveaway because I think that just might compound the problem.  Although in truth it would help me to de-clutter I just don't want to add to your own clutter or fabric obsession.  So out of curiosity and support I think I will have a Linky party.  I don't know how to make a button if you want one, but I will form a flickr group so we can show off our finished project pictures.  Flickr Group can be found HERE.

For January:
3 or 4 different lines of Moda including Hope, Charity and some others
I am late coming out of the gate, but I am going to try to use these fabrics to complete Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt.  I have been downloading the instructions each week, but I am waiting to read them until I am ready to start.  So this will be my challenge to myself this month, what will yours be?  Just post a picture on your blog or on flickr, even if it is a Fat Quarter and share what you challenge yourself to do with it this month.  I will be back at the end of the month with the same challenge for February.



  1. Hi Shanna . I am just at the stage of piecing my blocks on Easy Street, and I used similar warm tones as your scraps. I love my Easy Street because of its scrappy look, so with a little thought, I think you will have a lovely quilt.

    1. Dear Frances,
      Thanks for the encouraging words! I was trying to go for a scrapful look but I keep finding just enough scrap strips to use one fabric for each type of block used for each color. Well Hopefully it will turn out! I have already pulled the blue scraps for green with the thought of a Christmasy lap quilt! I certainly love how yours is turning out!! Very nicely done!

  2. You are going to love Easy Street. Have you seen some of them done in the earth tones? They are gorgeous. I love that it could all be done with scraps. After being away for two weeks I am ready to get back into mine too.


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