Sunday, December 4, 2011

SR-W49: A Very Small Showing

This year I will be entering Giveaway day hosted by Sew Mama Sew!  And I will be giving some items away in the "sewing Supplies" category!  Last year I won some beautiful fabric from one of the stores that posted items for giveaway and so I thought that this year I might give something away myself.  Please stay tuned for December 12th when the giveaways start!

This week I was a very, very good girl in comparison to last week that is!  I did not buy any fabric, but I was able to get a few little lingering projects done off my WIP list!  The next week I am hoping to have the "Melting Rainbows" wall hanging completed, continue working on the Cowboy table runner and the advent calendar, sadly enough, still hasn't been touched since I had my meltdown moment with it.  We will be packing up some items from my craft room and reorganizing it in the next couple of weeks.  We plan to use part of it for storage to make more room elsewhere for the baby and to start staging our boxes for moving in April/May/June!  And I will continue to rest some  Have a wonderful week and happy crafting!

so here's the happier verdict this week:

Busted this Week:                  00.50 yards
Busted from 08/01/2011:       206.75 yards
Stashed this Week:                00.00 yards
Stashed from 08/01/2011:       95.5 yards
Net Busted for 2011(from 08/01/2011):  111.25

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