Sunday, December 11, 2011

SR-W50: "Occupy Sewing Room" Challenge

I cannot believe how completely tickled I am by my progress through the "Occupy Your Sewing Room" Challenge!  Neither my WIP list nor my Stash Report ever looked so good!  I did end up having to spread out my time a little bit because of my pregnancy I get quite tired these days.  My husband helped me rearrange my sewing room a little bit to make it easier to put a big comfy chair in there.

Things Finished:

1 secret project (I will show in a few weeks along with a tutorial) and...

11 burp cloths completed, 2 hour-glass pot holders (experiment w/ loop placement)
"Melting Rainbows" Wall Hanging
Christmas Colors- Wonky block pot holder

Quilt tops finished, but projects not completed:
2 quilt tops in yellow/grey/white/black should measure about 50'X 55"
Quilt top with a modern try at the pinwheel twist Should measure about 60"X 60"

So here's the much, much happier verdict this week:

Busted this Week:                  08.75 yards (not counting the quilt tops yet)
Busted from 08/01/2011:       215.50 yards
Stashed this Week:                00.00 yards
Stashed from 08/01/2011:       95.5 yards
Net Busted for 2011 (from 08/01/2011):  120.00


  1. Wonderful! It's amazing how much one can get done when one steadfastly refuses to move!

  2. WOW have you got a lot done. I think your Melting Rainbows is stunning. Hope you are still resting as well
    Hugs Tanya

  3. You are one gifted lady! Congratulations on your baby. I hope all goes well for you as your time draws near!

  4. Beautiful work, the Melting Rainbow is gorgeous! Hope all goes well for you and your baby.

  5. Wow wow, did you have a great occupation. I can't even start to tell you which I like best. They are all fabulous!

  6. wow great work!! Love all the colours!

  7. You have a lot of talent! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. I love your "Melting Rainbow" wall hanging--beautiful.

  9. Oh I do love your Melting Rainbows. So lovely and bright.
    happy days.


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