Saturday, December 3, 2011

TGIFF5: Late to the Party...

So it's been a very slow week in my corner of the world.  I am on a "lay down as much as you can" kind of bed-rest.  Of course my definition probably differs than the doctor's or my husband's...So I have been laying down a lot and sitting/sewing very little.  The mug rugs have been wrapped along with their Cocoa mixes and 9 were delivered yesterday.

Note:  For those who asked about augmenting the cocoa recipe to be more like a "drinking Chocolate" I am sorry to tell you that it just does not work.  My recipe ends up being a non-fat american cocoa recipe.  I have learned from my research and experimentation that "Drinking Chocolate" is basically made from milk and a melted candy bar which includes the chocolate fat & milk fat, which is why is tastes soooo good!  I was able to only find one drinking chocolate mix in my local area; it was very good and worth the Benadryl (allergy medicine).  So those who have access to such mixes, you really have it better off!  lol.

I finished getting the pieces cut and ironed onto my "melting rainbows" and have begun the slow process of zigzagging around each piece.  I like the look of the black thread on the front, but if I had put more thought into it I would have used a rainbow thread for the bobbin/back.  I can tell this one may take a couple weeks at the rate my sewing times are appearing in my day.  I have been asked how I made this project...since it is being made up as I go along I will have to tell you what the process was/is when I finish.

I had 4 very small finishes this week; I was able to hand-sew the binding on the 4 of the mug rugs I started a few weeks back (I missed taking a picture of one of them).  I have assembled the burp cloths, but have not added the embellishments yet.

New projects (since last Friday)- 11
In process - 29
Finishes (Since last Friday)- 4

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  1. Wow, you go girl! Awesome job!

  2. Only 4 finishes?! Oh well you are working on a MAJOR finish i suppose!

  3. Hope you are resting. I do love your mug rugs.

  4. Lots of good work. :D Looking forward to seeing Melting Rainbows finished!

  5. Hey, I missed a bunch of your posts over the last week for some reason. Loving your progress on the melting rainbows and the mug rugs. I need to make a whole whack mug rugs next and I think I'm going to quilt some the way you did yours. Glad to see you are resting...a little. Do more! And the new do looks fab!


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