Friday, December 30, 2011

TGIFF/TW: "The 12 Days Of Christmas..."

It's Sew Good To Be Back!
[I snuck back on a day early :-D] To say that I missed you all would be putting it mildly; blogging has organized my life and enticed me to finished more projects than you can imagine!  By Thursday last week I could not figure out even what day of the week it was and I was itching to get back into my craft room.  Feeling quite a bit more rested, I begun spending small pockets of time trying to work on some of the little things still plaguing me and of course I started a couple little projects...<laughter>  I have also been working on some pre-apology sweets for the nurses/hospital staff for when I go into labor; one bucket of goodness for each shift!  So far I have made cake balls, chocolate cream cheese truffles, and I am thinking of maybe cookies as well; any ideas??

How was your Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday celebrations?  As Anglicans our family is learning more about the 12 Day of Christmas; it amazes me how many celebrations happen all around the world this time year!  Before next Advent season, I am hoping to make a liturgical Advent calendar, but first I am so excited that I finished my first regular [wonky] Advent Calendar top (backing fabric is in the mail, I am eagerly waiting for delivery)!  So on to the complete finishes for the past two weeks!
1 Mug Rug 5.75" X 8.5" (14 cm X 21.5 cm) in sage green/mustard yellow/coral
Flared girl's top in black/brights with Lime Green accents (Size 2 child)
QAYG baby quilt in Pastels with Bright Yellow print backing (40"X 40")
And along came some WIP/UFO's...Yes, once again I have unearthed more random unfinished projects hidden in storage boxes!  Even if I do not get them all completed, at least I will have them all together before our next move (I think/hope).  I am waiting to make decisions on claiming some of the projects I found, but for now, here are 4 more to add to my list<sigh>
I can't remember what these are for, but I am thinking of making them into place-mats...
The fate of these 3 Projects:  currently waiting for me to claim them
I was also able to sandwich & quilt the Modern Pinwheel Twist Quilt; the binding has been attached as well.  I just need to hand-sew the binding to the front and I can deliver it to the winners of our Baby Name guessing Contest.  I will be wrapping up 2011 in my post tomorrow and announcing my own small giveaway on Sunday (I need to clear out more fabric to make way for Ziona)!

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  1. I want to know more about quilt as you go!
    I have so much to learn and I'm eager to learn too.

  2. good luck with all your projects xx

  3. Wow, so much good stuff on the go, Shanna! Loving the girl's top and your QAYG quilt. Did you piece the whole top then cut it to do QAYG?

  4. Isn't it fun to unearth projects that were lost? Your baby quilt is adorable!

  5. I never thought of bribing the nursing staff with goodies while I was in labor. What a good idea, but then again maybe not. Hubby might have been more interested n the yummy things instead of looking after my ever wish.
    Have a wonderful New Year.
    Hugs Tanya

  6. Good to have you back! It looks like you have spent your time well too. I love the sweet little dress. Is it for Ziona?

    I can tell you that we always loved cookies and caramel corn when I worked. They were small bites that we could grab on those days that we got no breaks!!!!

    May you be generously blessed in 2012.


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