Monday, December 30, 2013

9th Annual Bacon Turkey

I am working on my Celtic Solstice blocks, which I will share in a bit, but I took a quick break to prep the turkey!  I went fancy this year and wove the bacon on the top instead of the usual drape. I also upgraded to a brown sugar bacon this year; in the past I have alternated between a peppered bacon, a maple bacon and just plan thick bacon for the top. Butter, garlic, and spices are rubbed under the skin and wherever else I can get it to stick! :-)

This all started the first Thanksgiving we were married, I didn't want to tell my new husband I had never cooked a turkey on my own, so I followed the temperature and time directions from the packaging and just made up the rest! The last 7 years I have made the turkey the day before, stored it broth, then it's a quick heat up on the needed day when oven space is at a premium. Well, I better get back to it. Look for a finished picture with my BOM post later today!
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  1. That looks like it will be wonderful...if I ever get a full-sized oven again, I'll have to try it!

  2. That looks so neat!!!! Bet it's wonderful too.


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