Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's In Progress Wednesday?

Christmas Time is a wonderful time of the year, but it is also a rather busy time of year as well.  There is the rush to complete Christmas Presents and get them handed out or mailed off.  For those so inclined, it's a time to decorate and celebrate!  For those who craft it is a time of year where you really want to finish up the year well, so perhaps there is a rush to complete whatever might be tucked away in your crafting area.  

For me, every year about this time I get sick, I wish it was an exaggeration, but it's the truth.  As of last year I even started putting it on my calendar to sort of block off the week so I don't expect too much of myself.  Well, my cold came right on time this year so I have really lost my "get-up-and-go."  I did however plan ahead so the fridge is well stocked with food and the house is completely clean.  Now before you think my preparation caused my cold, let me say it did not, it's simply allergies.  Here in Texas the weather goes from rather hot to rather cold almost overnight and then after a couple weeks of cold, it springs back to the 60's again and there seems to be stuff in the air from everywhere.

For the past 3-5 months I have been working on organizing my crafting area in my bedroom.  I think it was about 2 weeks ago that I got it in my head to wash all of my fabric stash so that it would be ready to use when ever I got the urge to create.  Shopping at Target one day with my family, I spied these shoe organizers that I really thought would be perfect for fabric.  The thought, at first, was to put the cubicles on their sides, but by stacking them the way they were intended there are these pegs that join the two pieces into one, plus it leaves enough room on top of them to join a third unit if it is needed later.  The plan is to store all fabric from 1/4 yard upwards, but I realized that fat Eighths would fit in the cubicles as well.

I am finally down to the last half of my stash (Process pictured on right) which makes the whole process go so much faster because I don't even have to think about what I am doing.  It's the perfect project for when one is not feeling so well and yet I don't really want (or have the freedom) to just take to my bed.  Once everything is completed, I know how proud I will be to see all the work that was done, plus I can watch Netflix while accomplishing one of my goals!

I am also still working on the binding for the Time Warp Quilt.  I kind of messed up so that will need to be ripped out and redone, but it's okay, it certainly could have been worse, but I caught the mistake when I have completed only one side.

Well, it is time to take a little nap while Miss Z is still cuddled in her bed taking hers.  Or perhaps it's time for a little bit of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy...

*\0/* Cheers


  1. A nap or Mr. Darcy? (A&E version, I hope!) That's a tough one!! Since most of my stash are cotton sheets, I don't pre wash my fabric. Oh, and I am getting a sewing room! Yippee!!!!.... your stash looks great, all neat and tidy!

    1. A&E of course! I have 4 different versions of Pride & Prejudice, but Collin Firth as Mr. Darcy is always my favorite!

  2. Colin Firth is my fav too! Great use of the shoe cubbies - and that time warp quilt is super cool. Stopping by from WIP Wednesday.

  3. Your stash is a rainbow delight. It feels inspiring to organize and wish it had lasted longer for me - I've managed to trash the place already! We've had record highs and lows lately around here, take care and stay healthy.

  4. Feel better soon. This is a bad time to be sick!

  5. Hhhhhoooo that's a lot of work, but the end results are so awesome! What a treat to be able to see those pretties and find and use what you want immediately!

  6. I wish I had your attitude about cleaning up my stash. I am not sure I would ever get done with mine doing what you are doing! LOL


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