Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another Yummy Mystery!

It has been quite a week, the rush to send off Christmas presents, and the big push to organize my crafting area so I was ready to start Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery the moment it was posted on Friday!  I ended up getting a bit sick so it has been slow-going over here.  I think I spent more time reading posts on the Not-so-secret- facebook group for the mystery and chatting with my new friends than sewing!  So I thought I would show you what my pile looks like now that I have finally gotten all the pieces cut up for Clue #1!

The Purplish brown fabric at the top of the picture is the fabric I plan to use for the border when the quilt is completed.  It is from Soho Chic by Sandy Gervais with Moda.  I wish I had seen this lien sooner as it holds many of my favorite colors, but teh fabrics seem to have gone so fast on the Fat Quarter Shop.  I am using the colors from the yardage for inspiration.  Well, I really aught to get to sewing while my husband is watching a Christmas movie with Miss Z!  It's not too late for you to jump in and join the mystery this year!

*\0/* Cheers


  1. Those are going to make a pretty quilt, Shanna. I printed the instructions. Does that count????

  2. Pretty fabrics! I think I cut about 25 or so and have yet to sew a stitch. The mysteries are always a long term project for me.


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