Sunday, December 29, 2013

In Pieces!

Short, quick post here!  Bonnie released Clue #5 Friday and it suddenly got quiet on facebook as we were rushing to see what we could do! I love the Bonnie Mystery group on there, its the most fun I have ever had on a project!  I got my pieces cut out for Clue #1, the white squares for Clue #2 (Just need to print the green pieces and I am ready to start) and the extra pieces for Clue #5.  I don't know if I have alluded to the fact that this the second of two small Celtic Solstice quilts I plan to make, that is why I had to go back and cut fabrics for Clue #1 again.

The first quilt will be a scrappy one for myself!  I just couldn't continue on it until I figure out what colors I want to sub for the greens and yellows.  Plus I am not quite done with ironing and trimming my fabrics so everything is not yet organized for me.  The picture below is Clue #1 on the first quilt that will be scrappy.

I am hoping to post a finished set of blocks tomorrow!  In the meantime, I'd better get some sleep!

*\0/* Cheers


  1. loving your colour choices x

  2. Beautiful fabrics for the non-scrappy version, and of course, great colors in the scrappy one! I can barely keep up with one!


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