Monday, December 23, 2013

Round 4: Merry Christmas Eve, Eve

Celtic Solstice
I did it!!!!!!!  I completed both Clues #3 & #4 for Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery QAL!  I have to admit that I am still behind on Clue #2, but tonight I am not dwelling on that!  You will notice that all the fabrics are pretty much the same instead of the super-scrappiness that I showed in Clue #1 previously.  Well, that is because I decided to make a second small sized quilt.  I am making the scrappy one for myself and this one I plan to make for charity.  By using the yardage I am able to not only clear out more space in my fabric cubbies, but it's great practice for me in using the Inklingo system.  I cannot begin to tell you how much easier these steps are with Inklingo, but I still need some more practice as I have had a couple jams when I was being impatient.


Do you remember the practice blocks I made a several weeks ago HERE?  Well I finally turned the practice blocks into a baby quilt top!  It will only be a 40" X40", but it helps me jump start a goal I have for 2014 to start using up the random BOM's that I have laying around as well as my orphan blocks which might be left over from other projects or tester blocks.  Right now I am signed up only for one BOM at my LQS for this next year because I want to make a farmer Wife Sampler Quilt over the next 2 years!

This block to the right is a practice block for Mid-November's BOM from my LQS.  Unfortunately I was in a rush so I majorly messed up the actual block when I attempted it before practicing, so I decided to turn back to the practice blocks before I gave it another go.  I made 9 of these blocks now which I will also turn into a baby quilt once I figure out the sashing (should I go with the white or another color?).  I am sure I will share more on that project next year, haha!  I have been just waiting to say that!  These have been projects I have completed working on the mystery quilt which I affectionately called my "pause projects" instead of "Leaders/Enders."

A Little black Rain Cloud
Now I am going to reward myself with a large cup of Hot Chocolate with whip cream on top and some more episodes of The Deadliest Catch!  Thank you all for stopping by today!
*\o/* Cheers
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  1. Wonderful work! Congratulations!

  2. well done for getting them done .. and making a "sort of" dent in your fabric stash xx

  3. Good for you for finishing up some BOMs and for pretty much keeping up with the Celtic Solstice mystery QAL. My mystery colors are very similar to yours. I can't wait to see the finished quilt layout that Bonnie designed!

  4. Inklingo has spoiled me rotten--glad you're enjoying it too.

    ~Jillian in North Dakota

  5. You are making 2 mysteries? As well as your other projects? You deserve another large hot chocolate!

  6. Hey! That made a really nice baby quilt. :) Love the other block, as well - the colors in it are super nice. And CONGRATS on 3 and 4 finished for Celtic Solstice!


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