Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Fresh Fabric Treats" book signing at the Quilt Asylum!

A few months ago I heard about Moda Bake Shop's new book coming out called "Fresh Fabric Treats" and it would feature projects for pre-cuts written by some of the Moda Bake Shop Designers.  About two months ago I pre-ordered my book off Amazon because I had a gift certificate.  It arrived in the mail this past week on Thursday just in time for me to bring to the book signing which I found out was going to be about 23minutes-2 hours away (depending on traffic). So I begged my husband to drive me there because my list of stories about getting lost in Texas is so vast I really didn't want to add another one.  I found my SP a Starbucks with free wi-fi to stay at for the 3 hours was anticipating on being at the Quilt shop.  
Jenny Garland with Harper, and Angela Yosten at the Quilt Asylum signing their pages of "Fresh Fabric Treats."
When you first walk into the Quilt Asylum it is bright and colorful, I so wish I had taken a  picture.  So colorful in fact that it is hard to focus on one area because my eyes excitingly danced from one side of the room to the other.  I came to the store primarily for the book signing, but I also wanted to get sashing for a quilt which I had not found yet at the quilt shop in Plano or at JAF's.  Not only was the perfect fabric 4 rows in the door, it was actually from the same line of fabric as the Charm squares I used to make the Quilt.  Yes, the fabric was available online, but you just can't experience on-line the whole process; the fabric has to be seen, touched and painstakingly debated over in the lighting.  The book signing involved two of the authors, each one a designer of a project in the book, Angela and Jenny who brought her daughter.  You have to check out their websites for they are both very clever ladies!

Speaking of which, I have to tell you about the ladies at the Quilt Asylum; what sweet women I met during those 3 hours!  When I wondered over to the side room there are patterns and such to be looked at, and that is where I met the first of the ladies.  I am very sorry that I do not remember her name; my head was aching and a bit swollen today.  She made the first quilt pictured made with all the batiks; my picture simply doesn't do her amazing work justice.  She introduced to me to several ladies who were starting to gather in that room and later when I wondered back over to that side of the store she motioned for me to join them in their meeting.  They were having a show and tell meeting, sharing all the work they have been doing in the past month.  

The Pink Quilt was one of the quilts shown in the second meeting which was a show and tell of their last "Block Swap" which ended up being 114 squares.  It was interesting all the different ways one can use similar squares.  And somehow I found myself signing up for the next "Block Swap" which will have me making 80-6" squares in the next 6 weeks!  What?!  Well I also was able to purchase thread to machine quilt two quilts which have been waiting for me to make up my mind; I have decided to use colorful thread!  I also won a prize drawn at the first meeting, a graph paper book for designing my blocks.  What a wonderful day this turned out to be!  I wish I could get started making something, but alas it is time for an afternoon nap!

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