Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's time to bind...

So yesterday I overdid it a bit and I am exhausted, but the quilting is done on these two Jacob's ladder quilts! Now it is time to put the binding on them.  I used a meander stitch on both quilts and with my gloves the stitching went so much quicker than it used to.  I had already cut the strips for the binding at 2.5"X WOF (Width of Fabric).  My friend Grace came over late yesterday afternoon to help me figure out which binding looked best with which quilt.  You might be able to tell that the same block pattern and fabrics were used in both quilts, but I switched where I used them a little bit.  I find it really interesting that they sell this item called "binding clips" and they turn out to be just like my hair clips only much, much cheaper!  Another item my husband loves because they are not pins.  So the next time I need more hair clips I will run over to JAF!

My original idea was to make two girl quilts and two boy quilts for whatever genders our children were going to be.  I finished piecing these two quilt tops in early January and they have been tucked into a box since then.  I figured that I should get them completed and perhaps put them up for sale when ever I get a store set-up.  It's really nice to get some of my projects completed.  I am glad for the contest to get me going last month.  It is nice to have something little to do each day that I can accomplish.  And now to choose a movie to watch while stitching the binding on by hand and resting!  Any suggestions of what I should watch, this will take a few days.  What are your favorite movies?  As you may be able to tell I do like Jane Austen adaptations (I even have a couple more that are not in the pile)!


  1. very pretty binding!


  2. Thank You! The purple has a bit of shimmer to it, but it does not show up that well in the picture. Hopefully when i post the finished projects you will be able to see that.


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