Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Psuedo TV and a little handy-work.

I was planning to put projects on hold this week while our church had its annual VBS.  I made it there Monday for the opening, but yesterday (Tuesday) morning it took us 27 minutes to drive about 3/4 of a mile from our apartment.  That's when we learned that there was an accident on the major expressway that was about 15 miles from where we were currently parked in traffic and that the expressway was backed up past our Church.  So we turned around and went home.  There are certainly some disadvantage to living in an area that has more population within 5 miles all around us than the entire population of the State of Alaska.  Which at moments like this I sorely miss more than ever!  

By last night I had come down with a cold or virus and I was glad I had not exposed the children to me.  I am still feeling poorly today; a little feverish, a little congestion and other sick-type issues.  I let my VBS partner know she would be missing me once again today.  So being a little stubborn at staying once again in our apartment, I set out to work on one of my many projects (yes, honey, I did take a  nap). 
I finished the machine stitching on the Quilt in the corner of my crafting room.  I have the binding on, clipped, and ready for hand sewing the binding on.  My husband is going to put Hulu on the computer (we don't actually own a tv since we can find out favorite shows online).  We are going to watch a marathon of shows (my husband is trying to get me to rest on the couch)!

  1. The Voice  (So much better than American Idol I think)
  2. Master Chef  (Such a funny show)
  3. Master Chef  (two episodes!)
  4. America's Got Talent  (some do, some don't)
Maybe I will get the binding done and I then can show you the finished project tomorrow and enter another project into the FYPC (Click on the icon on the right hand side to find out more about this contest!) drawing.

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