Monday, June 6, 2011

Revisited: Quilt for my Mother-in-law

This lap/nap Quilt was made for my mother-in-law for Christmas last year.  I love the country colors.  The blocks were made using the idea of a modified log cabin; although now they called these log cabin blocks as well I think.  I made them using fabric from the Kansas Troubles' line called Summer's End.  I can't remember what my original plan had been, but as it ends up every time I find myself using many colors, I put them in color order or close to that.  The back and binding/sashing was a thick green Khaki material so I decided not to use batting for this project.  I wanted the lap quilt to be warm enough to knock off a chill but light enough that one did not feel like they needed to sleep 10 minutes after they put it on.  My husband always feels like Quilts are too heavy because he tends to get hot all the time.  I figured since this was to primarily be a gift for the MIL's living room it needed to fit in there in the colors.  She has a few other light blankets in the living room which is why I also went without the batting.  My sewing machine had a cute little flower stitch that I used to quilt the blanket and the edging.  Since Thanksgiving (when we had out family Christmas) my husband has wondered when I will make him a nap quilt of his own!

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