Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Revisited: Baby Shower gift basket

Sometimes a friend is having a baby and I don't know what to make or what to give.  My original plan had been to make a quilt for my good friend's first child, "Baby G."  A few mutual friends decided we would all get together and make items using similar fabrics to  make them match or seem more like a collection.  One of the ladies in the group really wanted to make a quilt so I thought I might stretch myself and see what else I might be able to come up with...
Burp rag made from a cloth diaper
Two versatile burp rags/lap layers
Burp rag, misc layers, & 3 cloth blocks
I already had new unused colored cloth diapers and white cloth diapers so I started with those items.  The two lap pads have a layer of cloth diaper in them to be more absorbent and can be placed on one's lap or under a child at changing times just in case. I made three cloth blocks from a square print one of the ladies was using in her project.  My favorite part of all these items is the 3-D Butterfly on the pink burp rag!


  1. Some very cute baby projects!! I love making sweet things for babies!!
    Keep Stitchin!
    Gmama Jane

  2. Congratulations on being chosen for the July Banner on Stash Manicure.

  3. Cute baby items! Congratulations on being chosen by Madame Samm for her banner!

  4. Cute baby projects - and a great gift. Congratulations on having your quilt on the banner at Stash Manicure! blessings, marlene


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